List of Burials in Turner Cemetery

Today no burial list exists from the time when Turner Cemetery was an active burial ground (1785 to the mid-1880s). The following list of burials has been compiled from information on the tombstones, lists in newspapers and books in the early 1900s (probably based on the tombstones), individual family burial records, and other secondary sources. If additional information is known about a particular person or family, the name is linked to a page about them. Click on the name to go to the page.

Because of the lack of any official record of people buried in Turner Cemetery, the information we have is confusing, contradictory, and incomplete. The TC/MSBA Historical Committee is continually researching, adding new information and correcting errors. We welcome information about the people buried in the cemetery. Contact

Note: In 2011, the Turner Cemetery/MSBA Historical Committee was given the records of around 30 Civil War soldiers who were listed on the Pennsylvania Dept. of Military Affairs “Record of Burial Place of Veteran” form as having been buried in Mary S. Brown Memorial #10. We know some of these records are incorrect and are in the process of researching the rest to determine whether the men are actually buried in the graveyard. At present, these men will be listed under the “Military Veterans” tab.

Attison, Elizabeth (1755?-Nov. 28, 1828, at age 73), no tombstone (Note: Another source says date of death is 1823.)

Bell, Mary R., wife of William C. Bell, no tombstone. Click on Mary Bell’s name for more about the Bell family.

Bell, Samuel, infant, no tombstone

Bell, Thomas (died April 22, 18?8, possibly 1848), tombstone exists, possibly died at 7 weeks old.

Bell, William C. (1813?-July 6, 1851, aged 38), tombstone exists

Blashford, James (Jr.)  (March 15, 1795-May 14, 1859), son of James and Violet Blashford, tombstone exists. Click on James Blashford’s name for more information about the Blashfords.

Blashford, Violet (Jan. 30, 1762-July 30, 1830, aged 68), no tombstone, married to James Blashford, mother of James Blashford (Jr.). Violet is believed to be the sister of Susanna Clark Turner.

Boother (0r Bougher), Abraham (buried c. 1820 or 1830) Revolutionary War veteran, buried with honors of war, no tombstone, listed on memorial plaque in church under the date 1775.

Booker (or Bougher), Frances McElroy (no dates), wife of Abraham Booker. Her mother, “Old Granny McElroy,” was married to Henry McElroy, one of the original “squatter” settlers on Squirrel Hill in or near Nine Mile Run valley, arriving there about 1770. A spring on their property was called “Granny Spring,” after Old Granny McElroy. The spring was used by the McElroys and by occasional Indians who came by, accompanied by Simon Girty at times. Right below the spring was a salt lick, at which the early settlers dug a brine well to get much-needed salt. The well gave its name to Salt Works Road, which later became Saline Street.

Booker (or Bougher), Rebecca (no dates). daughter of Abraham Booker and Frances McElroy Boother (no dates).

Brewno, Henry (buried around 1848?), Mexican American War veteran, no tombstone

Burchfield, Adam (Feb. 15, 1762-Apr. 24, 1826, aged 65), married Mary Cochran c. 1773, removed to Homewood Cemetery in 1899

Burchfield, Mary C. (1773?-Oct. 19, 1853, aged 80), removed to Homewood Cemetery in 1899

Burtt, Joseph Smith (Aug. 28, 1804-1844). His parents were Joseph Burtt (17862-Mar. 4, 1845) and Sally Smith Burtt (Feb. 4, 1776-Aug. 1, 1825). He was the husband of Rebecca Boother.

Carr, Edward (Aug. 13, 1767-Oct. 13, 1834, aged 76), born in London, married Elizabeth Sanders on Dec. 23, 1797, in London, no tombstone. A record has been found for an Edward Carr who had 14 children, 4 born in London and the rest in Pittsburgh.

Carr, Elizabeth (Nov. 16, 1778-Oct. 19, 1818), no tombstone. It is likely Elizabeth was the daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Carr.

Castleman, Rachel (1750?-Oct. 13, 1832, aged 82), tombstone exists. She married Jacob Castleman (1748-April 10, 1816) in 1769. Jacob is buried in Beulah Presbyterian Cemetery in what is now Wilkins Township, Pa. They had four children, Margaret, Mary (or Molly), Susannah and Rachel. Click on Rachel Castleman’s name for more information about the family.

Clark, J. P., no dates, Civil War veteran. His tombstone says Co. C (or G?) 103 PA INF. Identifying him has proved difficult because of conflicting information in the records. Click on J. P. Clark’s name for more information about him.

Craig, William, War of 1812, said to have served in Admiral Perry’s fleet. His wife’s name was Elizabeth. Click on William Craig’s name for more information about the Craig family.

Craig, Mrs. William (Elizabeth), Died 1804. A source from around 1905 says “Nothing further legible” as if read from a tombstone, but no tombstone has been identified for her. Mrs. Craig’s is the oldest recorded burial in Turner Cemetery.

Davis, Jake?, No information available

Duke, James, (1819? – Sept. 18, 1834, aged 13 years), no tombstone. The Warrantee Atlas of Allegheny County shows that Charles Duke owned property along Nine Mile Run near the Turners’ farm in the late 1700s. Another source says he owned 60 acres in Scotch Bottoms, now part of Hazelwood.

Duncan, John S. (no birth date, died Oct. 10, 1861), headstone and foot stone still exist. Duncan was a professor of penmanship at Duff’s College. Click on his name for more information about him.

Ebdy, Edward Schenley, (1857?-April 21, 1880, aged 23 years),  tombstone exists. Some sources give his age as 27, but his tombstone clearly shows his age as 23. Click on his name for more information about him.

Fowkes, Samuel (1806-March 30, 1863, aged 57) (tombstone exists). Civil War veteran (spelled Fawkes or Foulk in other sources), member of Co. K, 102 Reg. Pa. Vol. Fowkes married Louisa Ward Cadman on Sept. 12, 1850, and was mustered into the army on August 15, 1861.  He was discharged on a Surgeon’s Certificate on March 15, 1862.  His parents were William Fowkes and Mary Unk.

Girty, James (died 1853, age unknown) removed to Allegheny Cemetery on Nov. 10, 1898. Click on James Girty’s name for more information about the Girty family.

Gruebaugh, David  (1789?-Dec. 19, 1845,  aged 56) Tombstone exists

Hackethorn, Elizabeth (1808?-October 22, 1835, aged 27), tombstone exists. Elizabeth was the daughter of John and Jane Redding (also spelled Reading).

Hoffman (tombstone illegible except for name)

Jamison, Henry (Jemison in other sources) (1786?-Sept. 5, 1848, aged 62) tombstone exists

Jones, Delmont (Aug.3,1803 – Dec. 30,1878, aged 76), no tombstone. He married Mary Ann Carr, daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Carr, on April 16, 1826.  They were blessed with 9 children. Edward Carr was also buried in Turner Cemetery. For more information about Delmont Jones and his family, click on his name.

Little, Joseph (1788? – Oct. 25, 1860, aged 72), tombstone exists. Click on Joseph Little’s name for more information about the Little family.

Little, Joseph Jr. (Mar. 26, 1826 – Sept. 2, 1886), born in Tyrone, Ireland, removed to Homewood Cemetery in 1893

Little, Maria L. (Mar. 2, 1821 – June 13, 1852), tombstone exists. Consort of John C. Little. The tall, thin tombstone had been in good condition until a few years ago, when it cracked in half over the winter.

Little, Mary (1775? – Feb. 20, 1852, aged 77) tombstone exists. wife of Joseph Little. Mary was about 13 years older than Joseph.

Little, Mary A. (No dates), wife of Joseph Little Jr.,  removed to Homewood Cemetery in 1911, Section 3, grave 348.

Mulligan, John G. (May ??, 18?? – Oct. ?, 18??)

Mulligan, Mary, no tombstone. A source from 2006 says “nothing further legible” as if reading from a tombstone, but it can’t be identified today.

Nelson, William (born in 1833), tombstone exists. Civil War veteran, Co. G 2nd U.S. Cav. Click on his name for more information about him and the other Nelsons who served in the Civil war.

Jonathan Patterson (Feb. 7, 1837 – Feb. 12, 186?, possibly 0 or 3), headstone and foot stone. The headstone says he was the son of George and Anna Patterson.

Redding, John Jr. (aka Reading) (1814?-February 17, 1829) (tombstone)

Redding, Nancy (aka Reading) (1801-Sept. 24, 1816) (tombstone)

Thomas, ? (Apr. 22, 18?8 (possibly 1848)(tombstone)

Tomkins, Thomas (1794?-March 30, 1851) (tombstone)

John Turner (1755-May 20, 1840) (tombstone)

Turner, Mary Newton Girty (c. 1720-c. 1785)

Susanna Turner (1763-1833) (tombstone)

Winders, Ann (1823?-Mar. 18, 1850) (tombstone)

Three Robinson children, Harry H. Robinson, born 1871, died June 28, 1873; Mary Klein Robinson, born May 1878, died Sept. 27, 1878; and Jennie Harris Robinson, born May 1878, died Sept. 30, 1878. Their parents were Francis G. and Jane Robinson.

Edward L. Smeltz, born 1969, died May 21, 1873. His parents were John and Sarah Smeltz.

William Harman Thomas, born June 1880, died April 12, 1881. His parents were John and Amanda Thomas.

Henry Garrett, born 1884, died Sept. 8, 1884. His parents were Henry and Emma Garrett.

Mary Freese, born 1847, died Sept. 18, 1884.

Charles S. Gisbert, born Oct. 30, 1892, died December 10, 1892. His parents were Charles and Amanda Gisbert.

The last four burials have special importance because before their records were discovered, the last burial we knew of in the cemetery was that of Edward Schenley Eddy in 1880.

to be continued . . .



2 Responses to List of Burials in Turner Cemetery

  1. Susan M says:

    Hi! As a descendant of Edward Carr and Delmont Jones, I was thrilled to find your website this evening. I was surprised to read your comments on Elizabeth Carr being born only four days after Edward and Elizabeth were married. My records show that Edward and Elizabeth Carr were married on December 23, 1797, which is documented here:
    Thought you would appreciate the correction! I am looking forward to the history walk this year!

    -Susan M

  2. Jerome says:

    In researching the Delmont Jones family I came across this site. I am not related to the family, but have a special interest in Albert Delmont Jones (b.1854) who was the grandson of the Delmont Jones (one of whose sons was Edward Carr). My Albert Delmont Jones published a religious magazine from New York called Zion’s Day Star from about 1881-c.1888. I am searching for any descendant of the Delmont Jones family who might have any copy of this, or any photograph of Albert Delmont Jones. An extreme long shot I know.

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