The names Joseph Little, Joseph L. Little, and John Little appear on the Warrantee atlas map of Allegheny County, which show the properties of the original owners when the area was first settled in the late 1700s and early 1800s. The warrantees were reconstructed in 1909-1912 from records and surveys on file in the Dept. of Internal Affairs. According to the warrantee map, Joseph Little was issued a warrant for a small property in what is now Hazelwood dated Nov. 5, 1838, which was patented on Feb. 24, 1872, to Joseph L. Little, et al.

Joseph Little and his wife, Mary Little, still have fairly readable tombstones in Turner Cemetery. If Joseph was born around 1788 and Mary around 1775, Mary would have been 13 years older than John.

The dates on record for Joseph Little Jr., 1826-1886, make it unlikely he was Joseph Little’s son. Joseph Little would have been 38, but his wife, Mary, would have been 51, when he was born. It is also worth noting that Joseph Little Jr.’s burial in 1886 would make him the last known person to be buried in the graveyard. However, he was moved to Homewood Cemetery in 1893.

One source from 2006 lists Mary A. Little as the wife of Joseph Little Jr., and says “dates illegible” as if the author was looking at a tombstone. This Mary was moved to Homewood Cemetery in 1911.

It seems strange that both Joseph Littles would have wives named Mary, but both James and Mary are very common names. The dates given for their births and deaths rule out the possibility they were the same persons.

Maria L. Little (1821-1852) was the consort of John C. Little. It is not known where John is buried or how they were related to the other Littles.




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