According to a small book written in 1853, John Turner and James Blashford served in military expeditions under Ebenezer Denny during the French and Indian War. Blashford married Violet Clark, the younger sister of Turner’s wife, Susanna. It is not known where Blashford is buried. No records list him as being buried in Turner Cemetery.

Violet Blashford, wife of James Blashford, is listed as being buried in Turner Cemetery. One source says she was Susanna Clark’s younger sister, but the recorded birth dates of Violet and Susanna are only 9 to 10 months apart. It is possible the dates are not correct.

James Blashford (Jr.) is the only Blashford with a tombstone still in existence.   All we know about him are the dates of his birth and death. His tombstone has a shield shape carved on it, suggesting a military connection, but at present we don’t know what it was. Along the bottom of his tombstone is carved, “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall see mercy.”

A history book of Pittsburgh written in 1922 says that James Blashford ran for sheriff of Allegheny County in 1819, losing to Morgan Neville. In 1819 James Blashford Sr. would have been around 57 and James Blashford Jr. would have been 24, so it is not certain if it was the father or son who ran for sheriff.

John and Susanna Turner had no children, so they took in three of Susanna’s sisters’ children to raise. One of these was Turner Blashford, who must have been another son of Violet’s. A book about the history of the 15th ward of Pittsburgh says that “Turner Blashford, a prosperous farmer of Squirrel Hill, drowned himself at the age of 56, at the mouth of the Four Mile Run.” It is not known where he was buried.

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  1. Susan Blashford says:

    What a good nugget of information! Thanks for the site. I am always looking to build upon the genealology of my husbands family, the Blashford’s and Prescott from Squirrel Hill, and elsewhere in PA.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your comments. We are always looking for more information about the people buried in Turner Cemetery, so if you would like to share yours with us, please do. The information on the tombstone of “our” James Blashford is carved within a shield. That implies an official government position. Was he the James Blashford who was a sheriff?

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