We know of four Bells who were buried in Turner Cemetery: William C., his wife Mary R., Samuel and Thomas. Only William and Thomas have tombstones.

A burial list compiled around 1905 says that William Bell died July 6, 1851, age 38 years, but only his death date can be identified on his tombstone. His large tombstone has a lot of writing on it, but most of it is illegible.

According to a burial list compiled around 2006, Samuel and Thomas Bell were infants and that Thomas was 7 weeks old when he died. The source says that Thomas died in 1818, but the date of 1848 is more likely, based on the style of the tombstone. It is white (marble or limestone?), smaller but otherwise similar to William C.’s tombstone. In contrast, tombstones from the early 1800s are thick gray sandstone slabs with a central arch and a finial on each end.

As for Thomas’s tombstone, it is highly unusual for an infant to have a relatively large one. Most infants had small stones, wooden markers, or even no markers at all. The size and presence of a tombstone depended on the wealth of the family. Based on the size and amount of carving on the two extant Bell tombstones, the family was probably wealthy.

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