War Memorial Tablet

The massive bronze war memorial tablet in the foyer of the church deserves its own heading because it contains the names of 59 veterans, mostly from the Civil War, who were associated with Mary S. Brown Church. Some, but not all, are buried in Turner Cemetery. The TC/MSBA Committee feels it is important that these men should never be forgotten. We are in the process of researching military records and other sources to discover more about them.

Here is the list of names in the order they appear on the plaque.

1775, Abraham Boother

1783, James Craig

1812, Charles McCoy, William Craig

1815, Christopher Nelson

1846-1848, John Brewno


Samuel S. Brown, Co. D 10 P.V. (Allegheny)

Charles Andre, Co. L 28 P.V.

Samuel Fowkes, Co. K 102 P.V. (Tombstone in TG)

James Sutch, Co. C 101 P.V.

David A. Kennedy, Co. C 103 P.V.

Joseph Austin, Co. D 103 P.V.

Louis Fleming, Co. E 101 P.V.

A. B. Swain, Co. A 155 P.V.

John Noble, Co. O 101 P.V.

Adam Heckel, Co. L 28 P.V.

George Fowkes, Co. L 28 P.V.

James D. Hays, Co. B 46 P.V

William McCollister, Co. E 101 P. V.

Lysle McCollister, Co.  101 P.V. (No Co. letter)

Robert Cargo, Co. A, 155 P.V.

Frederick Divner, Co. A 155 P.V.

William J. Andre, Co. M 5 P. Cav.

Harrison Craig, Co. 4 P. Cav. (Homewood)

Samuel Blair, Co. 12 P. Cav.

Jefferson Nelson, Co. 202 P.V. (No Co. letter)

James Clark, Co. A 155 P.V.

James Atkinson, Co. 1 5 P. ARTLY (sic)

John Guthrie, Co. A 155 P.V.

Albert Smith, Co. 9 P R

John Diller, Co. K 14 P Cav

Robert Schull

J. M. Schoonmaker, Colonel 14 P Cav (Homewood)


William Nelson, Co. C 2 P.V. (Tombstone in TG)

Adam Schaup, Co. A 101 P.V.

Jacob Delow, Co. F 63 P.V.

John Clark Co. C, 103 P.V.

John Austin, Co. D 103 P.V.

John Hepline, Co. E 38 P.V.

George Forward, Co. C 101 P.V.

Joseph Cargo, Co. C 155 P.V.

William Berry, Co. A 155 P.V.

John Schmeltz, Co. F 136 P.V. (Homewood)

Charles D. Ebdy, Co. F 62 P. V. (Homewood)

Jabez College, Co. A 155 P.V.

Hugh McCollister, Co. E 101 P.V.

Frank Ray, Co. 155 P.V.

David Woods, Co. 42 P.V.

D. D. Barclay 5 W. Va. Cav

Walter Austin, Co. 2 P. Cav

James Irwin, Co. 2 P Cav

Frank Bott, Knapps Battery

Robert Ward, Knapps Battery

Adam Shaw, Knapps Battery

Alexander Murdoch, Co. A 9 P. V.

Howard Morton, Co. G 2 W. Va. Cav.

O. S. McIlvain, Co D 9 P. R.

Charles D. Stewart, Co. B 4 P Cav.

John Goodworth

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