Military Veterans

Prior to 2011, the TCMSBA Historical Committee knew of only a few military veterans who had been buried in Turner Cemetery. Only three Civil War tombstones still exist in the graveyard.

The War Memorial tablet in the foyer of MSBA Church is NOT a record of burials in Turner Cemetery. It lists men who were members of the church and/or the local Squirrel Hill community who might or might not have been buried in the graveyard.

In 2011, two researchers who had been studying veterans’ graves in Homestead Cemetery gave the TC/MSBA Historical Committee information stating that for years after the Civil War, veterans from Homestead would cross the river on Memorial Day to lay wreathes at the graves of soldiers in Turner Cemetery. The researchers pored through military burial records and found a number of veterans whose “Cemetery or Place of Internment” was listed as Mary S. Brown Memorial #10, Beechwood Blvd. Pgh., Pa.” The TC/MSBA committee is currently researching other records to see if any corroborating records can be found to determine whether the soldiers were buried in Turner Cemetery.

The following list of military veterans associated with Turner Cemetery and Mary S. Brown Memorial Chapel is a compilation of all the information about them from various sources. Sometimes the company and regiment information vary from source to source, perhaps because the men were assigned to different ones during the war.  Key: WMT–War Memorial Tablet; HR–Homestead researchers; O–Other source

Andre, Charles, Co. A 155th Penna. Vol., Mary S. Brown Memorial #10 (H); Co. L, 28 P.V. (WMT

To be continued . . .


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